FREEKIDS – experienced manufacturer of playgrounds

Open-air activities are very important for the balanced development of our children. Our goal is to encourage children to spend as much time outdoors as possible and that is why we create safe playgrounds, outdoor gyms, and related communal facilities.

We design and perform complete installation of sport and leisure grounds as well as the installation of certified wooden and metal playgrounds and design of leisure areas. We design schoolyards and kindergarten gardens. We deliver our products and adapt them to the requirements of housing estates. We also design them for private use so you can enjoy our products in your gardens.

All the equipment available has undergone required safety tests and has necessary quality certificates. If you buy FreeKids playground equipment, you can be sure that it is completely safe and attractive to children of any age! FreeKids employees are experienced specialists of different fields. Our many years’ experience allows us to support you at the very early stages of your project. Design, sales, and manufacturing department employees can handle even the most challenging tasks.

Playground product range

In our extensive product range you can find many great leisure equipment, e.g. highest quality swings, rockers, ladders, roundabouts, and sandboxes.

As a manufacturer of safe playgrounds, FreeKids pays also special attention to learning effects of its equipment. We make every effort to make our projects not only a safe way of spending time, but also to ensure the balanced and diverse development of children. There’s no better way of interacting with peers than having fun on ladders or swings. The colourful and fantasy design is a great way of stirring children’s imagination, which will invent new ways of playing.

The top quality materials, great workmanship, and extensive service make our playground equipment long-lasting and maintain fresh appearance for many years to come.